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Nikon launched a new version of its free photo-sharing/storage Web site, MyPicturetown.com, that includes improved sharing and usability features as well as a new PhotoMovie feature.

Members who have a free account on MyPicturetown.com now have the option to create an audio-slideshow featuring their images using Nikon’s PhotoMovie feature(if you want to create more than one audio-slideshow you must pay the premium for a Gold Account). The new feature let’s user set photos to music for a unique and personalized multimedia experience. Users can also include text and various special effects in their slideshows. Once completed, slideshows can easily be shared via email or social network sites like Facebook.

Other improvements include the ability for users to have a custom homepage decorated with an assortment of images they already uploaded to the site.  As users upload new images, their homepage will incorporate them into its custom design.

Nikon also tackled organizational issues, allowing users to sort their images into categories with a simple drag-and-drop operation. They also are giving users more control over the design of their albums, offering a total of 18 new themes.

For more information on these updates and to set up your own account, head on over to MyPicturetown.com.