Levi’s NYC Photo Workshop Offers Resources, Events

Levi’s 3-month-long temporary space in Manhattan is aimed at helping photographers through cool exhibits and workshops.



Levi's space located at 18 Wooster Street in Manhattan.

Levi’s is in the midst of hosting a very cool, three-month-long series of workshops/concerts/events at its temporary space located at 18 Wooster Street in Manhattan, which is set to run from mid-October thru December 18.

During the day, the space features all sorts of photography equipment available for public use including: vintage film cameras (that can be rented), a production studio, various digital design stations, and all sorts of printing equipment. The Levi’s Website assures that whether you are a professional or just a point-and-shooter, the workshop is a great resource for increasing your skills and knowledge of photography.

Afterhours at the space are a little different. Once all of the workstations and equipment are closed, the workshop transforms itself into a creative space that hosts all sorts of gallery openings, private concerts and events.

Upcoming events for October include: “Make it as a Music Photographer” today at 6pm, “Mark Wallace Talking Photos That Have an Impact” this Thursday at 7pm, and a screening of Andrew Zuckerman’s film “Music” this Friday at 8pm.

The space's workshop hours are Tuesday 12pm-5pm, Wednesday-Friday 12pm-7pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am-8pm. You can go to their Website for more information on past "after-hours" events and to see a calendar/secure your spot at future events.