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Almost a year ago today, we made a post about a company that was selling wacky inflatable photobooths that were designed by two professional photographers for use at weddings, parties, ect—what could possibly top that? How about an inflatable photo studio. That’s right, an entire studio made of high-grade plastic that inflates to size in 2-3 minutes.

Brian Hedenberg, a commercial fashion photographer from New York City, was fed up with the hassle of trying to book studio space and decided to come up with an alternative to constructing his own studio—hence the I.P.S. (Inflatable Photo Studio) was born.

It is made of 6-10mm thick light-resistant black plastic, comes in three different sizes, the largest being 20x12x12 foot, weighs only 40lbs and folds up into a 2x2x4 foot box. It can be assembled virtually anywhere, although it is recommended that it be set up on flat ground so as to avoid puncturing the floor.

The largest studio, with the fan included, will only run you about $499, however purchasing one comes with more than a few stern warnings. In fact the Web site offers an entire page dedicated to the warnings and dangers of shooting inside an inflatable studio. They include everything from what to do in the case of a flashflood, thunderstorm, or the somewhat likely event that the studio begins to rapidly deflate—which after reading the site thoroughly, seems unavoidable over time (especially if you like to smoke, cook, or use a curling iron inside your studio).

All in all, the I.P.S. is a brilliant solution for anyone looking for a cheap studio that can easily be packed up and moved to a new location. If you can get passed the hilariously long list of warnings, it may be the studio solution you have been looking for. With that, we leave you with this final warning from their Web site:

“Do not keep the doors sealed or you may risk puncturing the seals or the pressure may be so great that the human body may implode or your ears will just pop.”

For more information and to purchase your very own I.P.S. check out their Website.

From: TheStrobist