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Sinar Photography, a company known for their excellent large format cameras and lenses, has announced its newest creation, the p SLR, an adapter system that allows Nikon and Canon users to attach their DSLR bodies to any of Sinar’s view cameras.

The p SLR Implements your current DSLR as a “digital back” of sorts and allows for the use of Sinar’s impressive catalogue of medium and large format view-camera lenses, including a variety of accessories like lens hoods, bellows and filters.   Also, thanks to a quick locking adapter, switching between vertical and horizontal orientation is a snap.

For those looking for a creative, unique and cost-effective way to make use of Sinar’s well-respected view-cameras and accessories—while still utilizing the DSLR you already own—the p SLR may be right for you.   The p SLR will be available sometime in mid-September and is priced at 1980 Swiss Francs (about $1,910 USD).