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There are plenty of serious photo nerds (we mean that in the best way possible, of course) in the UK, but things have been getting tougher for people in public with cameras lately. Hardly a week goes by where we don’t hear about a UK shooter finding him or herself in trouble with the law for using a camera in the presence of the police. As a response, Amateur Photographer magazine has begun handing out lens cloths, printed with a bullet-pointed list of guidelines for dealing with the authorities.

The guidelines are clearly and respectfully stated, with the intention of squashing conflict between shooters and police before they can escalate to newsworthiness. The rag itself is actually part of the magazine’s nation-wide campaign to help protect the rights of people with cameras.

While we’re certainly not usually in the business of talking up things other magazines are doing, I can’t help but admire (at least on a personal level) the amount of commitment the staff truly seems to have about the issue. Link