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Full-frame DSLRs are becoming increasingly common, but if you truly crave sensor space, digital medium format should make your mouth water. For their latest version Mamiya has updated their robust RZ series film cameras with a 33-megapixel CCD sensor. As a result, it can cranke out 16 bits/channel .mos RAW files, which translate into 190 MB 16 bit TIFFs. Good news for pros who are already invested in the system is that the RZ33 is compatible with most of the RZ series accessories, including lenses and finders. It comes with a waist level finder, Capture One DB and Leaf Capture software for the appropriately professional-grade price of $17,990 (body only). That’s more expensive than Pentax’s upcoming 40-megapixel 645D, but for pros with a lot of money invested in Mamiya glass, the choice should be a no-brainer.