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What It Is: A feature on some tripods, this hook lets you hang bags of stones or other weighty objects from a ‘pod to help stabilize it.
Where It Is:** Attached to the bottom of the tripod’s center column. it may not be readily visible—some, such as this spring-activated hook on Gitzo’s leveling tripod, retract into the center column.
How It Works:** By hanging heavier objects from the hook, you add stability to lighter tripods, plus help virtually any tripod remain steady against wind or slight bumps.

How To Use It: Rather than carrying a bag of rocks, keep an empty plastic sack in your camera bag and, whenever the situation calls for a steadier tripod, stuff it with whatever is at hand (stones, sand, even water), then hang it from the hook. You can also use the hook to suspend your camera bag above wet or muddy terrain.