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I have seen some extremely cool laser-etched MacBook Pros in my day, but these mode dial decals are almost as cool and require a heck of a lot less money and time. They’re available in the Etsy shop of Suzie Automatic, who started off with the Canon design, but got so many requests for a Nikon model that she gave in and started printing those as well. Each decal is about 5.5″ x 5.5″ and comes with a practice decal so you can get the final application just right. They cost just $15 apiece, which seems plenty reasonable, especially when comparing it against the cost of getting your laptop painted or even etched. Of course, stuff like this only makes your brand allegiances easier to discern, so if you’re sporting the Nikon one and you come across a person that uses both Canon and a Windows laptop, you might be legally obligated to have an old-timey dual with pistols at sunrise.

Nikon Verion, **Canon Version and the oh-so-classy **Leica Version****