Sony readying compact interchangeable lens camera

Sony just held a press conference on the floor of PMA to unveil their upcoming Alpha-series “ultra compact interchangeable lens camera.” When it launches later this year, it will bring with it Sony’s new APS-sized Exmor HD CMOS sensor, which is physically bigger than that of its micro four-thirds competitors. The system will have its own series of lenses and will also be able to shoot 1080p HD video in their AVCHD format. Other details are sparse, but they were showing off several different colors of the body. Take the jump for more photos, including some explanatory slides about the new system..

During the conference, Sony also revealed that they’re currently working on a successor for the mid-range a700, which will also use the Exmor HD CMOS sensor. The prototype has a dedicated video button, which means their next DSLR will be the first to shoot video of any kind, let alone 1080p HD.