PMA 2010: Samsung debuts TL500 compact with an F/1.8 lens

theres has the ability to swivel.

there's a new boss in the land of Samsung compact cameras. The TL500's biggest draw is its fast glass, sporting a 24mm Schneider KREUZNACH, f/1.8 lens with 3x optical zoom. Behind that is a new 10-megapixel, 1/1.7" CCD sensor coupled with Samsung's DRIMeIII imaging processor.

The back of the camera boasts one of Samsung's newish three-inch AMOLED displays like that found on the TL320, but the TL500's has the ability to swivel. It also supports several higher-level features you'd expect to find in an "advanced" compact, like RAW capture, optical IS and a selection of manual exposure modes.

Like with Canon's S90, it will capture video, but not the HD variety, capping out at SD 640x480 at 30 fps (H.264). Availability is slated for "Spring 2010" when you can expect to pay $449 off the shelf. We'll try to get some hands-on time soon when we hit the PMA floor. -Stan Horaczek

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