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Nikon took the lens caps off of two new lenses today, ramping up the wide angle options for FX-format shooters. The first is a 24mm F1.4G ED that offers an 84-degree picture angle on an FX-format body (61 for DX-format). The other is an AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm F/4G ED VR aimed at the enthusiast market. It’s the widest lens in Nikon’s line-up to come toting their VR II image stablization system, which Nikon claims can buy you up to four stops.

Both should be welcome additions to the Nikon line-up, even for DX-format shooters and even the new breed of video specific DSLR users looking for wide angles and versatile focusing options.

The 16-35mm will hit shelves in late February, carrying with it an estimated selling price of $1,259.95, which make it decidedly more affordable than the slightly heavier and non-VR II-equipped 17-35mm F/2.8. The 24mm F/1.4 will hit in late March for an estimated $2,199.95. Take the jump for full specs. -Stan Horaczek

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