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If the introduction of the Gorillatorch flashlight made you jealous that your Gorillapod didn’t have sweet magnetic feet, then Joby is about to make your day. The newest Gorillapod has powerful neodymium magnets implanted into its feet so it can be anchored to a wide variety of metal surfaces. It supports cameras weighing up to 11.5-ounces, so you won’t be able to hang your DSLR from the nearest flagpole, but it should handle most compacts and even many video cams without breaking a sweat. The whole package weighs in at 2.5-ounces and will hit shelves around the world starting in April.

The Ballhead X is designed specifically for the Gorillapod Focus, which is geared toward the pros. The Ballhead X can handle up to 11.1-pounds of load despite weighing just 9-ounces. Because it’s a ballhead, it offers fluid panning, tilting and rotation. It works with both 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch threads and will be available in April in a package with the Focus or by itself. Hopefully we’ll get some hands-on time with both at PMA.