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Canon continues the Rebel charge with the most powerful version yet-and certainly the most powerful DSLR in an “entry-level” line-the 18-megapixel EOS Rebel T2i, announced on Feb. 8.

As has become typical with Rebel introductions, Canon endowed the new model with technology from a higher-level model, in this case the EOS 7D. Besides the 18-megapixel CMOS sensor with gapless microlenses, the T2i inherits the AF system that can track by color and shape, 1920×1080 video at 30 fps and up to 60 fps at lower resolutions, manual exposure capability in video, stereo microphone input, 63-zone dual-layer multipattern metering, a quick-control button for fast access to camera settings, and ISO sensitivity to 12,800.

The T1i has several features not seen in any other EOS camera-or, for that matter, any current DSLR. It has the finest-grain 3-inch LCD to date, at 1.04 million dots. And a “movie crop” mode uses a 640×480 central patch of the sensor for a 7x magnified view.