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I love when odd pieces of crazy photo gear show up on eBay and this one has crazy written all over it. The listing, which sadly ended back in December, claims this 5200mm prime is more than 6-feet long and weighs about 220-pounds. The more of the listing you read, the more crazy numbers you come across. Minimum focus distance? 120 meters, which is just a shade under 400 feet. That means that if you want to shoot a football game with it, you’d need to be more than the length of a full football field away from the action if you wanted to get it in focus.

It has a series of built-in ND filters to regulate light input and a maximum aperture of f/14. All of that suggests this thing was made with space photography in-mind. I can’t help but wonder if whoever bought it (if anyone) is actually going to put it to use or if it will become part of someone’s collection. Either way, I’m sure the buyer is stoked to finally have a lens cap that’s impossible to lose.

Click here for the listing page and check out the video after the jump to see it in action when attached to one of Canon’s professional video cameras.