Sponsored Post: Pixma Pro9500 Mark II Photo Printer

While Flickr is all the rage these days, most of us still yearn for hard copy prints of our most spectacular and meaningful photographs. Thankfully, the Pixma Pro9500 MKII from Canon is here to rescue amateur and professional photographers alike from having to power up and log on to walk down memory lane. With its highly advanced photo technology, Canon is truly a trailblazer in photo printing, and with its newest incarnation, the Pro9500, your work transforms from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Whether you were shooting in the midday sun or in a thunderstorm, snapping away in brilliant colors, subdued black and white, or warm sepia, the Pixma Pro9500 MKII never sacrifices the subtleties of your images. It employs a 10-color pigment LUCIA ink system, which is designed to reduce graininess and bronzing and resist scratching and fading. It includes gray, photo black, and matte black inks, resulting in incredible monochromatic prints. This wider color gamut brings us even closer to recreating on a computer all of the colors and hues visible to the naked human eye.

The LUCIA ink system works in concert with Canon’s patented Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE). FINE uses a multi-nozzle print head that ejects consistent and precise ink droplets as small as 1 picoliter during the print process. Wrap your mind around this fact: the high-performance multi-nozzle print head has up to 6,144 nozzles. More nozzles equals more accuracy and the result is high-resolution photos that can capture a wine stain on the hem of a red dress or grains of sand on a beach.

Of course, the finish is all up to you. With a wide range of paper options, Canon allows your artistic vision full reign. Check out the cool “Color Wheel” feature on the Canon website that allows you to test out what certain photographs will look like when printed on certain types of paper. You can try seven different options for the Pro9500 MKII, including Platinum, Museum Etching, Graphic Matte, and Photo Rag.
The printer also supports camera-direct printing of contact sheets. Contact sheets are sets of images laid out in a grid printed out on one sheet of paper. A perfect, cost-effective way to make that photo collage for Grandma, among other convenient uses.

While my Flickr account grows exponentially, I realize those photo albums and wall frames around the house have sat empty for long enough. I know what will be on my holiday wish-list this year.