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Now seems like a pretty good time to be a Nikon pro. First they drop the powerhouse D3S and now there’s a new version of their fast 300mm lens to go with it. Of course, it will work with any AF-S Nikon body, but with a pricetag of $5,899, it’s obviously geared toward serious pros.

The II at the end of its name represents Nikon’s revamped and re-tooled Vibration Reduction technology, which Nikon claims will give you up to four extra stops. They have also made the whole thing remarkably compact considering, checking in at just 10.5-inches long and weighing 102.3 ounces (about 6.4 pounds). With those kind of numbers, hand held shooting is totally a possibility, even if it will mean getting at least a minor forearm work out.

The optics are the same that you’d find in its predecessor with 11 elements in eight groups. But, they have added a A/M focus mode, which allows autofocus priority even when you’re using the focus ring. Its powered by a silent wave motor (so it won’t scare off the lions on your safari) and, like the rest of Nikon’s high-end lenses, it’s sealed to keep out the natural enemies of the outdoor photographer, dust and moisture.