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It must be fun to place an order with Nikon for 11 Nikon D3S bodies and matching AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8G ED lenses. Of course, when you’re NASA, where billion dollar machinery is the norm, some of the novelty is probably lost. According to Nikon, the new rigs will be used to capture activities on the International Space Station. The new gear will accompany an arsenal of Nikon gear that is already floating around the space station, which includes some D2XS bodies, speed lights and an assortment of lenses. It’s primarily meant to document things like maintenance and inspections, but with that kind of photographic firepower, it’s hard to believe those brave, space-dwelling folks won’t find at least a few minutes for an outerspace portrait session. After all, we have seen some amazing photos come out of NASA over the years.

Nikon Press Release

-Stan Horaczek