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he New York Times reports today that a group of European scientists and salesmen are trying to revive instant film in an old Dutch factory that once produced Polaroid material. They think there is a market for people who love analog photography and value the retro art look of Polaroid, which discontinued manufacturing of its film stock last year. Let’s wish them luck! There really is something kinda wonderful about the tones and emotional impact of Polaroid imagery. The problem is that Polaroid made its own chemicals, and these new guys in the Netherlands can only try to duplicate the brew. At least they have some of the original equipment in the old factory, which was saved only by accident. In 2005 an American entrepreneur, Tom Petters, bought Polaroid’s name and assets, but he was later indicted for running a Ponzi scheme, which seems to be what everyone private equity firm was doing for the past few years. Because of his current troubles, Polaroid was eager to sell its Dutch factory.–David Schonauer