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Apparently rapper, Kanye West wants in on our daily photo critique. In a recent blog entry, he posted a paparazzi photo of Rihanna and went on a caps locked rant about how good the photo is compared to the rest of the celeb-on-the-street shots he has seen in the past. “THIS PIC IS HARDCORE. PEEP THE PERSPECTIVE SHOT OF THE CITY IN THE BACK. SOMETIMES THE PAPS OVEREXPOSE THE LENS OR HAVE THE FLASH TOO HIGH TAKING ALL THE EMOTION OUT OF THE MOMENT.”

While we aren’t quite as enthralled with the shot as Kanye is, we can see why it appeals to his visual sensibilities. The direct light flash with the specular highlight on the window and the bright yellow against the dark background definitely have a gritty retro look that’s very trendy. Quite honestly, we’re not sure this shot wasn’t just one that happened in the middle of a huge burst, with little thought put into the “EMOTION” of the photograph. Leave your own thoughts in the comments, but please leave the caps lock key alone.