It’s not too late to make photography a regular thing in your day like getting your daily cup of coffee.  Get started on a 365 photo project.  A 365 project is basically taking a photo a day, (some will be better than others) after twelve months your favorite may surprise you.  If you can’t take a photo every day, consider making a regular time on the weekend to go out and make photographs.  To mix it up, make a schedule and rotate the time of day you take your photograph.  For example on Sunday get up early and take a photo at sunrise, the next day and hour later and so on until you are back to sunrise.

If you have some amazing view from your home, whether it be a high rise or in the country, take the same scene every day for a year and mix up the times of day.  Again you will be surprised by the different looks you will get depending on the time of day and the season.  You will be forced to be more creative with each frame, you could do longer exposures, a zoom effect or a black-and-white the combinations are endless.

Photograph yourself everyday, good and bad for a year.

Make this the year you push yourself out of the comfort zone and become a better photographer.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger