June 6 2007
Tip of the Day: DIY Bokeh

Bokeh_heart A few months back, we introduced the Lensbabies Creative Aperture Kit which let Lensbaby owners play with the blurry areas of their photos. Basically, it allowed users to take points of light in the out of focus portions of a picture and shape them into stars, hearts, crescents, or other figures. The kit cost only $9.99, but required you to have a Lensbaby.

Now the rest of us can get the same effects on our cameras. DIY Photography has posted a little tutorial on making your own bokeh. All you need are a large aperture lens, some black paperboard, some tape, and a bit of DIY ingenuity.

The lens might not look as pretty as a Lensbaby, but the images produced are just as striking.
—Luis Cruz