Susheel Chandradhas offers some “obvious” (but totally helpful) street photography tips at Here are a few:

• Get In close. All too often the actual ‘subject’ of a street photograph gets lost in the activity going on around… Get close to the subject, make them the primary object in your frame.
• Don’t worry about the light too much.** Concentrate on the people, your composition and your safety. Today’s cameras do a great job of metering a scene well. Use their readouts. Maybe even shoot in auto exposure mode.

• Use a Wide Angle lens. Being a participant brings you closer to your intended subjects. It can bring you right into the midst of the action. Keep a wide angle zoom or prime lens handy for these occasions.

• Participate. Some of the best street photographs I’ve seen are those of people who are fully aware of the photographer. You’re more likely to get a memorable photograph when you’re part of the scene and reacting to the emotions and drama that is being acted out around you.

• Dress Normally. Gearing out like a “photographer” could lead to some hostility. Dress normally, keep your camera bag small and inconspicuous.

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