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A simple solution to burning backup DVDs is here. EZPnP‘s EZ DigiMagic Portable Photo & Video Backup DVD Burner, comes in several different models and is a lightweight unit that can be run on battery power and AC power. It also comes with it’s own carrying case and USB connector. An optional car power adapter kit is also available The beauty of this unit is that you can insert your memory card or flash drive into one of the three slots or connect your digital camera or camcorder directly to the unit with a USB cable provided. The unit can also be used as an external burner attached to you computer. The burning process is quick and efficient allowing you to also verify the disk to be certain it burned properly. I burned files off of a compact flash card in the same amount of time it took my laptop to burn the same files.

When using an SD I could not get the unit to recognize the files on the card. I contacted tech support and after some trouble shooting it was determined I needed to do a firmware upgrade. Once done the burner worked perfectly with an SD card. As someone who is constantly shooting back to back events and looking for an efficient way to back up my files on disk I could see a number of uses for this unit. The unit I worked with was the DM220-U08. See the EZ PnP site for more information on their line of products.

Check out the Goods section of the November issue for more on the EZDigiMagic DM220-D08.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger