Foggy scenes convey a certain sense of emotion and mystery, and add an unusual element to ordinary landscapes. However, capturing the misty scene can be difficult, so next time you find yourself in the fog, refer to these tips to help you get the shots you want:

1. Pick a strong subject. Since the fog and mist dilute colors and hide shapes, it’s important to have a very strong subject that can withstand this. Also, the further your subject is from the camera, the less impact it will have because of the mist, so place the important subjects as close as possible.

2. Get the exposure right. Because of the reflection caused by fog and mist, your meter will think there is more light than is available. To compensate for this, you have to increase the exposure above your camera’s recommendation. If you have an exposure compensation dial, add an extra stop with +1. With manual and film cameras, you can do the same thing by setting the ISO for half of the actual film that you are using. If you are using 400 speed film, override the ISO to 200.

3. Use a lens with a long focal length. The long focal length compresses the foggy and misty effect. The longer the lens, the more apparent the effects will be. The fog will be more visible and look more dramatic.
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