_ _The obvious place to look for Olympic coverage is NBC. But for a photographer’s view of the games, there are several other resources to check out. For starters you can follow our own Zach Honig’s experience in Beijing on his blog. To see how a pro shooter might pack their photography equipment check out Robert Hanashiro’s write-up with video.

Here are some of my favorite sports photographers’ blogs so you can get a taste of being there: George Bridges, Chris Detrick, Rod Mar, Jonathan Newton, Mark Rebilas, Steve Russell(a former Olympic swimmer ) Scott Strazzante, Mark Terrill and photos from Donald Miralle, Vincent Laforet and Mike Powell. This list should give you a taste of the effort that goes into the preparation to get to the Olympics, and the daily wear and tear these photographers go through to get the picture.

What you can learn from these blogs is the effort that goes into being a sports photographer, as well as the different styles of sports photos. Covering sports can be very rewarding for these photographers but there is a lot that goes into it that is usually never seen by the public, here’s your chance to go behind the scenes with some of the great sports photographers in the business.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger