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From Adorama’s 100 tips in 100 days (part 2), click here to read more.

If you’re going out for a family photo, doing it yourself, or are photographing other families, there’s one visual element that will tie the photo together in a nice, neat bow: clothing. If people dress casually with no direction, you will get a visual mishmash and will have a challenge keeping conflicting colors and designs from banging against each other.

So, as in many things in life, there are three words of advice to follow: Keep it simple. All white is nice. All black can also work. A less formal but unifying look is jeans (and/or jean skirts) and white tops, be they T-shirts, blouses, or turtlenecks. In fact you can mix and match styles as long as the tops are a consistent color. You don’t have to use white, but if not the family should pick a neutral color that everyone has. That’s why white and black are easy colors.

For the photo at left, the family wanted to wear red–not exactly a neutral color but it worked for them. Note: Although the tops are different the color helps tie the image together visually. Photo © Juston Horrocks/istockphoto.com.