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Flying with your photo gear can be a complicated process. What you can carry on board flights can vary depending on airport at carrier. We gave you some general tips for flying with your gear a few weeks ago, and discovered Chase Jarvis’ packing techniques last week. But now comes Photographer Steven Frischling’s (a.k.a. Fish) Flying with Fish, a blog completely dedicated to the fine art of traveling by air with your photo equipment. Frischling, who splits his time between New York, London, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, has traveled 850,000 miles in the past three years.

Flying with Fish is filled with tips about what you can and can’t take on certain airlines and to and from certain countries, as well as tips on packing and marking your gear to make sure it arrives safely.

If you feel inspired after all the information, sign up for Frischling’s “No Jet Lag Intensive Four-Day Photo Workshop” in Hong Kong.
(above photo: Steven Frischling editing on deadline between flights at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas)

—Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor