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I just read about a cool service being offered by Avis: For a charge of $11 a day, your car will come with a new device called Autonet Mobile WiFi router. The gadget is the size of a paperback book, plugs into an AC power adapter, and delivers encrypted WiFi within a 100-foot radius.
I haven’t used this, so I can’t testify as to how well it works. One review says the service isn’t as fast as cable or DSL, but it does work seamlessly as your car travels from cell tower to cell tower, better than current proprietary mobile broadband services. Multiple users can log on from different computers and surf away. You can also take it into your hotel room, plug it in with supplied AC power cord, and avoid paying those troublesome $10-a-day Internet service charges.
Sounds like a good things for photographers on quick assignments. But more interesting to me is the future that gizmo’s like this promise: A world where everyone walks around in her or his own personal hotspot, each of us plugged into whatever information or entertainment source we want, all the time.
–David Schonauer