Advanced masking once was the exclusive territory of graphic design and post-production pros, but not anymore. Vertus, the company behind the powerful Fluid Mask program have introduced Bling It!, a “lite” version of their pro-caliber masking software.

With just a couple clicks, you can make your photos for online auctions (and more) look much cooler and flashier.

How easy and intuitive is it? So easy that most people probably won’t need to use the drop down the “Help Menu.” The pop-up quick tips should be all you need to get from blah to “Blinged.” For web-exclusive sharing, online auctions and online scrapbookers, this small program packs a lot of functionality and a simple-to-use interface. And it’s risk-free—download a 15-day free trial here. (The full program is available for $50, direct)

Our one big gripe with Bling It? Both the Paintbrush icon and the mask are red, and when you’ve got a small brush it is really easy to lose the icon.

Click here for a quick and easy tutorial on how to Bling It! We take you through a simple project start to finish. There are other cool effects to play with, so download the trial and experiment away!

If you want to employ the Bling It! effect for print output, you’d be better off with Bling’s big brother, Fluid Mask 3 (for more on Fluid Mask3, check out October’s Software High 5 and look for a full review/test soon on
—Jack Howard
Online Technology Editor