Fall is a perfect time for taking pictures— red, yellow, and green foliage combine for a photographic opportunities that are only available for a short time. To make the most of this time of year, Photojojo has a helpful list of fall photo tips. Here are two of their tips:
Photograph around sunrise and sunset for the best light and color:_

The first and last hours of sun during the day have a brilliant quality to the light that can yield great photos. There’s something about the soft, golden light around these times (which brings out the reds and yellows in your photos) that you can’t help but love.

Make-Your-Own Leaf Studio

Too windy to get those macro shots of leaves to work? Try bringing some leaves home. Use transparent tape to stick the stem to a large open window that has some natural light coming through it, so that the leaf lies flat against the window. Now set up your camera and start snapping. Voila, brilliant leaf close-ups! (from Digital Photo School)

Check out the rest of the tips at Photojojo and visit The Foliage Network for foliage reports on where and when to shoot!
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger