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Old photos have character—the images are soft, sometimes out of focus, or too light or dark. All the “problems” that are easily corrected with digital photography are the things that make many old photos interesting. But what if you want some of those old-fashioned quirks in your pictures today?

Try Holgasonline, a website dedicated to the Holga, a cheap, 120mm film camera. The site is a great introduction to Holgaography, taking pictures with these funny little cameras with plastic lenses. Some of the “features” of Holgas include blurry images, bad exposure, light leaks and fogged negatives. Users of the Holgas tend to try to cultivate those problems and even enhance them claiming that each Holga is unique, producing it’s own style of photo. (photo by flickr user I, Timmy)
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger