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What a week in magazine photography! Yesterday I posted about Time magazine’s story on boys in America, with its satisfying portraits by David Burnett. Today Newsweek gets its turn. The magazine’s cover story on the slaughter of endangered mountain gorillas in Congo opens with one of the most astonishing visuals I’ve seen in a long, long, long time. Photographer Brent Stirton (named an American Photo “Hero of Photography” earlier this year) took the shot. Go here to see all of his images for the piece. The story focuses on the killing of four mountain gorillas in the past week—an example of how hunters are now seriously impacting populations of some species. Here, the body of a 600-pound male is carried away by park rangers, a king dethroned and disposed of by a lesser species. As one of the rangers in the story asks, “Who could do such a thing?”
–David Schonauer