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Photojournalist Alex Majoli steers clear of the larger camera bodies that are the common among his peers, and opts for a set of six small cameras such as the Olympus C-5060 and C-8080 models. His work certainly doesn’t suffer from the smaller gear. His intimate style helps to make the connection between the equipment he is using and the very real, unguarded images that he manages to capture with these little unobtrusive cameras.

He has adopted some interesting tricks to get around the slower cameras, such as hanging two cameras around his neck and alternating between them as one is writing to the card. Using the pre-set focus and manual exposure that are available on these cameras helps cut down on the shutter lag that would prevent him from capturing those quick moments. So for those that are feeling frustrated because they can’t afford a big SLR, read more about Majoli here,and take heart, technology has only gotten better since the profile on Majoli’s work. With some dedication and ingenuity you too can point-and-shoot your way to greatness.
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger

Image: Alex Majoli/Magnum Photos