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The latest from our magazine-death-watch desk: Radaronline.com is reporting that Conde Nast publications is pulling the plug on Jane magazine. Founded in 1997 by Jane Pratt, the magazine was essentially meant to be read by fashionable young women who had grown up reading Pratt’s first magazine, Sassy. Pratt left about a year ago and was replaced by the great Brandon Holley, who had once been the editor of Elle Girl, another title in this category that has gone away, at least in print. (You can still go to ellegirl.com.)
The reasons for the folding seem pretty obvious: Back in 1997 the target audience really did read magazines. They may even have had a jones for the old Sassy. A decade on, the same age group has grown up getting their information from the Internet.
All of this, of course, is unfortunate news for young fashion photographers who have traditionally gotten their big breaks shooting for magazines like Jane.
–David Schonauer