Mac users can and should check out the free, 30-day trial download of Aperture. Aperture has changed the face of digital workflow, acting as both your organizing AND post-processing tool.

Aperture allows for viewing and editing pictures in the same program, eliminating the problem of huge, layered files in Photoshop. It makes the edits to the RAW without actually touching the original, so the option of reverting back is always there.

You can output files in any format, and can even create web pages directly from Aperture. There are plug-ins available that allow users to create Flash slideshows, FTP files, etc.

Before you download Aperture, check out Apple’s Aperture Tutorial site. It’s a complete tour of about everything that Aperture offers.

Another great resource is the O’Reilly Inside Aperture site. Subscribe to their extremely helpful podcast.

—Ben McLeod
Contributing Blogger