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We stand corrected: A couple of days ago we posted a blog about the traveling exhibition of the World’s Biggest Photo (which goes to Art Center in Pasadena, California, in September, as reported here). But this image was for a time a work-in-progress, and we didn’t show the latest version of it (below).

Thanks for the correction to Mr. Douglas McCulloh, who writes: “You might like an up-to-date pic of the world’s largest photo. And yes it is that — a one piece gelatin silver BW image three stories high by eleven stories wide (31′-5″ x 101′-5″) made by transforming an F-18 jet hanger into the world’s largest camera.”

We previously said “it ain’t much to look at,” but actually, it is! And we have to wonder: How are they moving this baby to Pasadena? World’s largest truck? Pray tell. — Jack Crager