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There is plenty of polling data to show that President Bush’s popularity is melting faster than a snowball in Crawford, Texas in July. Now there’s another kind of evidence—the marketplace for photography. According to Newsweek, the price that people are willing to pay to appear in a picture with the president has plummeted from $10,000 last summer to only $5,000 today. Go here to see the entire story.

President Bush used to be a big money maker at GOP fundraisers, where supporters lined up (and wrote big checks) to appear in pictures with him. Newsweek says that in 2000 and 2004 the charge for such a photo op was $25,000. But when he appeared at a Republican event in New Jersey last week, the asking price was only a fraction of that. Of course, Bush’s approval rating in the Garden State is only 25 percent.
–David Schonauer