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We have learned that noted photojournalist Alexandra Boulat suffered a brain aneurysm last Thursday. According to a notice posted on the VII agency Website, she has been placed in a medically-induced coma by doctors at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jersusalem, where she is being treated. She is expected to be kept in that condition for several days while surgeons decide on what steps to take.

According to friends of Boulat, doctors were to run tests today to gauge her cerebral activity.

One of the founding members of the VII agency, along with James Nachtwey and Christopher Morris, Boulat in recent years has worked on a large project about the various cultures of the Middle East, focusing especially on the role of women in those cultures. In the 1990s she was one of the first photographers to cover the violence that accompanied the disintegration of Yugoslavia. In 1999 American Photo named Boulat its first-ever “photographer of the year.”

Our best wishes go to Alexandra and her family.
—David Schonauer