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Any one of Jaimie Trueblood’s photos could run next to the term “decisive moment” in the dictionary. He’s been taking pictures for about a decade, and makes a living shooting movie stills, but it’s the stuff he shoots in his free time that really captures a unique view of the world.

Trueblood’s series, “My Fellow Americans” is a study in being in the right place at the right time. He prefers to leave his shots up to fate, rather than plan them in advance, “reality is always stranger than anything I can come up with,” he says. He noticed the scene above when driving by a music video shoot and quickly parked his car, jumped out and got the shot.While he shoots digital for work, he experiments with things like Holga and Plaubel cameras on the weekends for his own work.

Click here to see a gallery of some of the photos from the “My Fellow Americans” series.

Trueblood’s reality can’t help but make you smile, whether it’s santas on their lunch break, or a row of bored cheerleaders, his images bring a kinship of the everyday and extraordinary moments that happen when people let their guards down and forget there’s a lens pointed at them. See more of his work at www.jaimietrueblood.com.
—Kathleen Davis