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Last week I got a call from Peter B. Kaplan, whom I’ve known for a couple of decades. Back in the 1980s I worked on a story about him when he was photographing the renovation of the Statue of Liberty. Kaplan was (and is) known as a photographer of heights—at that time he was doing a lot of work on the ledges of New York City skyscrapers as well as Lady Liberty. He had a great loft in the photo district, and a grey parrot that talked to a cat and turned on the TV by itself. In recent years Kaplan relocated to Delaware, where he could breathe some fresher air and avoid New York’s pricey rents. But he was still busy climbing up on things to take pictures. So I found it ironic when he told me he’d been brought down to earth with a case of vertigo.

Kaplan hasn’t taken his dizziness lying down. He ended up producing a unique project documenting his search for a cure.