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When I heard the celebrity photographer Greg Gorman (left) was launching his own photo workshop, I thought, “I’ll bet that will be fun.” I know Greg, and he’s a lot of fun and an enthusiastic mentor. But I was underestimating what he’s put together.

If this workshop is where photography is heading, get me a ticket on an airplane, ’cause I ain’t got time for a fast train. Go here for a complete schedule.

The workshops take place at Gorman’s oceanfront house in Mendocino, California, one of the most beautiful towns on the California coast. Gorman bought the home there because it’s close to vineyards, which are not only picturesque for photographers but also provide a beverage that he is known to love. Attendees will share in both passions. But that’s not all.

The focus of the workshops is digital photography. There will be courses on lighting demos and color management, Photoshop and printing techniques, and of course there will be models on hand for portrait- and nude-photography sessions.

The first day begins with a portfolio review and dinner at Gorman’s home. There will also be two wine tasting events and daily gourmet lunches “prepared by Chef Ueli,” a famed Los Angeles chef.

The first session, from June 10-15, may already be filled up, since each session is limited to nine people. There are also sessions scheduled for August 12-17 and October 7-12. The price for five days is $4,250.
—David Schonauer