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If you haven’t seen the July/August issue of American Photo, get it now, because the big feature on rock stars who are also talented photographers is getting a lot of buzz. One of the musicians we feature in the portfolio in the portfolio is Bryan Adams, whose career as a photographer is really taking off. Here are some of his recent pictures, from a session with none other than Lindsay Lohan. Bryan is a very good portraitist, and he has a way with women in particular.

There has been some discussion on the sportshooter forum about whether a magazine that spotlights the work of pro photographers should be featuring the work of amateurs already famous for other kinds of work. Here are my thoughts on that subject: In the case of Bryan Adams, he is in fact a pro photographer, as well as a musician. (He spends about half his time on tour, the rest working on photo assignments.) But the bigger point is that we have always celebrated all kinds of photography, not only the work pros. I think it’s fantastic that so many rockers are also avid photographers. As you’ll see in our issue, there may even be a creative connection between music and photography. Your thoughts?
–David Schonauer