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Once upon a time and among a certain subset of photographers, Zeiss lenses were considered the epitome of lens quality. They almost disappeared completely from the lens arena, but are now making a comeback. When we opened the Sony Zeiss lens box one of the first things we noticed was the word Zeiss in blue and white letters on the lens cap along with the Sony alpha symbol in red. The combination seemed strange, but Carl Zeiss lenses are now being made for a number of different mounts like Nikon F (see our test on the Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 ZF Planar T* lens) and can be found on a number of different digital compacts. This, in addition their traditional role on M-mount rangefinders and medium format SLRs from Hasselblad and Rollei. The Carl Zeiss lenses for Sony will be distributed exclusively through Sony.