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Almost exactly 10 years ago, a landmark exhibition of photographs by Herb Ritts closed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The show, called “Work,” featured 182 pieces by Ritts and was the first exhibition by a single photographer in the museum’s history. The show opened in 1996, and by the time it ended a quarter of a million people had come to see it. It elevated the reputation of Ritts even as it dramatically popularized the image of the MFA.

Now, a little more than four years after Ritts’s death, the MFA is teaming up with him again. We have heard that the museum will be creating its first dedicated photographic gallery, and that it will be called the Herb Ritts Gallery. The space is scheduled to open sometime in 2010.

In addition, the Herb Ritts Foundation will giving 250 Ritts prints to the MFA’s permanent collection, making the museum the world’s larger holder of Ritt’s work.