Wow, only two days left to answer last week’s photo quiz questions, and no one has ventured any guesses. Maybe a few hints will help. So here goes:
1. The advisor on Gone With the Wind was famous for his 19th-century geological survey.
2. There were cars involved in the accident.
3. He was using a postwar German camera the name of which started with an “E.”
4. The avant-garde photographer was Hungarian, first name Lazlo, and famed as a Bauhaus professor.
5. Dunaway starred as a fashion photographer in a 1978 murder mystery with the word “Eyes” in the title. She starred as a fine-art photographer in a 1975 movies about the CIA, costarring Robert Redford.

The first person to answer any of the questions gets an honorable mention. If you get them all, you win.
—David Schonauer