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Anyone who’s been reading the steamy news stories this last week about fashion photographer Markus Klinko will understand why he now describes himself as being in a state of “high alert.”

Just to remind you: Last Friday, the New York Post reported that Klinko had filed a $500,000 breach-of-contract suit in New York Supreme Court against Michael Ball, the CEO of the trendy Rock &
Republic fashion company, saying that Ball had subjected him “to a pattern of threats and extortion” since finding out that Klinko had been romantically involved with his ex-fiancee, a model named Fernanda Romero.

It got better: Klinko said in his suit that Ball was extorting him by threatening to make public certain “intimate” emails and sexually explicit photographs that Klinko had exchanged with Romero. The photos included shots showing Klinko in what the Post colorfully called a “sex romp” with two other women.

As we posted last week when the news broke, Klinko’s story was the ultimate tabloid tale. Earlier this week Klinko, who’d seen our post, contacted us to tell us his side of the story. And it turns out that the details—including previously undisclosed business details—are even more interesting than we imagined.