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By popular request, we’re back with another Friday Photo Quiz. In honor of the Academy Awards on Sunday, all of today’s questions relate to photographers and the movies. Anyone who gets all the answers will receive the Oscar for Intelligence.

  1. What 19th-century photographer best known for his Western landscapes served as an advisor to the film Gone With the Wind?
  2. In the movie Rear Window, star James Stewart portrays a photojournalist who has been injured while on assignment. What was the assignment?
  3. What camera does Stewart use to do his backyard peeping?
  4. The famous credit sequences of two James Bond movies, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger,were made by graphic designer Robert Brownjohn. With which avant-garde photographer did Brownjohn once study under?
  5. In what movie did Oscar winner Faye Dunaway play a troubled fashion photographer? In what movie did she play a troubled fine-art photographer?

–David Schonauer

Photo from IMDb.com.