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When you live in New York and commute to work, you pick up the New York Post to see if there are any fresh sex scandals, celebrity extortion plots, fashion model escapades, or media stories related to photography. On a day like today, when the top story is a sex scandal about an extortion plot starring a model and one of the city’s top fashion photographers, well..you’ve hit the jackpot.

Here’s a warning, though: This story is pretty complicated, even by New York Post standards. If I’ve got it straight, fashion shooter Markus Klinko was having a “romantic relationship” with model Fernanda Romero (both seen here). But the model was once engaged to a fashion company executive, Michael Ball, and Ball had certain pictures of Klinko and Romero, and he was using those pictures to blackmail Klinko….well, at least there was a solid photographic hook to the story.