Mint SLR670-S Instant Photography Camera
The additional piece on the front of the camera is for controlling exposure. Mint

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Mint SLR670-S Instant Photography Camera
For maximum noir, you can keep it in a black room like they have done here. Mint

The SLR670-S is a classic Polaroid SX-70 camera that has been reborn with an all-black colorway. In addition to the original SX-70 features, it has gotten some enhancements, including tweaked exposure modes. The additional piece offers more precise controls over exposure beyond the simple controls offered by the original.

All that retro goodness comes at a price, though, starting at $679 for the camera on its own. You can add other package options, including accessories that push the price up to a starting point of $765.

Mint SLR670-S Instant Photography Camera
The side of the the camera is also black–for the most part. Mint

So, no, it’s certainly not the cheapest way to get into instant photography, but Impossible Project film isn’t cheap and putting it through an old SX-70 from a garage sale can be a costly thing.

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