Mentor Series: Best of 2015

The BEST OF photo gallery

Best of Grand Tetons & 2015 WINNER: Bob Golub
Best of Montana: Bill Dahl
Best of Croatia: Carolyn Davis
Best of Italy: Louise Banzon
Best of California: Doug Carney
Best of Sedona: Manny Larioza
Best of Nevada Lighting: Sandra JunglingSandra Jungling
Best of Iceland: Katie O'Reilly
Best of India: Alex SneidersAlex Sneiders
Best of Quebec: Heather Collins
Best of Long island: Jim Coleman
Best of Costa Rica: Lisa Griffis
Best of Greenland: Stephanie Larsen
Best of Ohio: Susan Onysko
Best of Smoky Mountains: Michael Gustin

Thank you to everyone who has attended a 2015 Mentor Series photo workshop. We appreciate everyone submitting their images and sharing their experiences. Please enjoy this BEST OF 2015 photo gallery and Congratulations to Bob for the BEST OF 2015 winning image from our Grand Tetons trek. See you in 2016!

  • The Mentor Series Team